Ease Holistic Therapies.

Professional Holistic Treatments in Residential Settings.

Leading specialists in Residential Holistic Care.


With over 15 years experience, we offer a highly professional service, providing holistic care treatments in residential settings. Specialising in Geriatric Holistic Care, we offer safe ways to improve feelings of well being for our clients that are easily incorporated into regular care plans.


Our exprience in this field has shown us time and time again, the beneficial nature of holistic care treatments in elderly clients. Treatments are specifically designed for gentle complimentary care with little disrutption to clients routines. We are committed to reaching people who will benefit the most from these treatments. Many of our clients are experiencing a variety of ailments simultaneously. Holistic treatments, treat and benefit the whole person through safe practices, helping to improve seperate conditions.  We have seen first hand how through senses of touch, at a stage when other senses are fading, allows a sense of peace and relaxation, increasing general wellbeing amongst clients.

Services and Packages

Treatments are all gentle and designed specifically for Geriatric Clients.

Our Packages can be tailored to your particular Residential needs.


All our therapists are fully accredited members of the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists) and have been specially trained by our Senior Therapist Barry James Dixon in Geriatric Holistic Care.


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As activities coordinator I have seen the benefits of the holistic therapies given by Barry to our residents with dementia. It has a calming and relaxing effect on our residents. Our other residents ask when he is in because they enjoy talking to him and the therapies.”

Maria Turner : The Morris Eeinmann Home



“Barry visits the residential home every month to give the ladies and gentlemen a treatment which I have found benefits their well being physically and emotionally. They look forward to Barry’s visits. We at Briarmede recommend Ease to everyone”


Shona Scott : Briarmede Residential Home

“Barry has been visiting Brookvale on a sessional basis, at first our severely learning disabled people were reluctant to be ‘touched’ or have close contact, but now the difference is amazing!!

Barry has gained their confidence by his calm and effective attitude towards the clients. There is no doubt that the holistic therapies administered by Barry Dixon is immensely beneficial, both mentally and physically to our clients, who now look forward to their weekly treatments.


This is a “break through” for some, and we all look forward to a ‘future’ with Barry’s calm and measured attitude.”



Lynne Richmond: Brookvale (Charity for people with Severe Learning Difficulties)



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